Big Event Prints 2020

Well, we are into the third month of 2020 and T-1Print is firing on all cylinders. The Alice Cooper and Scorpions 2020 tours kicked off mid February and we printed the t-shirts for both events. Across the two tours there were a total of eleven designs many of which were made up of more than 8 colours. Time critical work of this nature tests production capacity and also provides the opportunity for refinement and adjustment when needed. T-1Print’s team are adaptive and efficient so we take our hats off to their great efforts during our busy times. T-1Print is honoured to have collaborated with Aisle6ix Industries and Australian Artist Scott Marsh to offer our services in printing nearly 3000 Merry Crisis t-shirts with the proceeds of each t-shirt sale donated to regional firefighting depots who battled the fires. Due to the media attention both local and international, many of us are now aware of the ‘Merry Crisis’ mural depicting our current Prime Minister Scott Morrison enjoying a cocktail on holidays in Hawaii while Australian’s experienced some of the worst bushfires in history. The bushfires this Summer have had a devastating impact on many Australians and the environment. When the artist himself realised the extend to which the ‘Merry Crisis’ mural resonated with Australians, he decided to print the image onto t-shirts and other items and donate the sale proceeds to the firefighters who battled the bushfires. Approximately $200,000 was raised from the T-Shirt sales and kudos to the artist himself Scott Marsh who travelled into the affected communities to deliver much needed support and essential supplies. Having Scott onsite while we printed the first batch of shirts was a great feeling. As soon as Scott signed off on the first print it was straight into high speed production. The t-shirts were printed four colour process and with T-1Print’s capacity we were able to turn the prints around in one eight hour shift.


Flexible Production Setup
T-1Print’s production setup is flexible and responsive which means producing small and large volumes of printed garments can be accomodated. We are lucky to have a great team of people onboard. We think T-1Print’s production manager Kim, regularly sets a new Guinness World Record when she enters the screen room producing an incredible number of screens on our i-Image direct to screen device on a daily basis. Nick holds the fort in the art department and delivers the artwork separations with accuracy and efficiency while Head Printer Glenn and his team of printers and assistants works his magic on the production floor. We also thank our clients who during certain busy periods offer flexibility with timeframes. T-1Print is looking forward to a solid year ahead and will continue to provide the great service to our clients.