T-1 Print & Rawtech Solutions host

second successful Industry Trade Night

Pamela Mannell of T-1 Print and Donovan Sendall of Rawtech Solutions hosted the second successful ‘Make Screen Printing Great Again’ Industry Trade night at the T-1 Print factory in Marrickville, Sydney. Attendees and exhibitors were brought together to experience the latest innovations in textile printing and importantly, the opportunity to network and socialise amongst an increasingly conscious textile printing community. Here’s what they said…

The Make Screen Printing Great Again Industry night presented attendees and suppliers with the opportunity to share industry knowledge and see the latest equipment innovations in the surrounds of the textile printing community. The event welcomed 150 attendees and has attracted interest and gained support from both local and overseas equipment and consumable suppliers and the textile printing sector at large. After the success of the first two industry nights, a future event is on the cards for mid 2019. About the industry night Donovan Sendall of Rawtech Solutions said, “We wanted something that was specifically for screen printers and to give them a place to meet and talk to each other. Hosting an event like this provides suppliers and printers a more intimate setting to converse and talk about products and processes. T-1 Print’s Director Pamela Mannell said, “For the attendees and suppliers it was a great opportunity to see how other people in the industry operate. So much is learned by just speaking with each other. To have the opportunity to see great new machinery and even newer products in a working environment is rare in this industry and hopefully others will do the same. These industry nights have been such a success on a social level, I can’t imagine that happening any other way.” The opportunity for suppliers and printers to experience innovative products in a working factory setting brings many benefits over traditional trade show settings like FESPA or SGIA and as Jason Chapman, MagnaColours Business Development Manager (APAC) says on exhibiting at the event with local appointed MagnaColours’ supplier Matt McInerney of Jones Brothers, “The industry night was definitely much more concentrated to screen printing and more social than events like FESPA. I am new to the Australian market, but I was blown away with the amount of business out there. Many new start ups are also showing that the industry is very alive.

I’m excited to be apart of this very vibrant market. “I personally felt the buzz about water-based ink and more eco-friendly solutions growing in Australia and believe this will only get stronger. Having a one to one with customers on the night was essential to discuss specific requirements and benefits of our ink systems. The industry night gave some confidence to potential customers, seeing an actual live print run and witnessing no screen blocking, very soft hand results and amazing clarity on very fine mesh. It’s hard to get so close to customers at bigger events as I feel customers don’t spend much time in one place. They feel they have to move on and see the whole show. The industry night is much more dedicated and concentrated to allow customers to better engage with suppliers,” said Jason.

To invite 150 people into a working print factory to network, showcase products with live demonstrations amongst other suppliers to the industry requires a lot of resources, planning, flexibility and trust and as Donovan says on this matter, “Keeping people interested with new ideas as well as inviting other companies to join us, even though they may have products that might rival our own is a challenge we have overcome because we keep our focus on our main goal for the event which is to have a community of screen printers that come together and discuss the industry. The best way to set up a scenario where screen printers want to come together and build the industry is to provide a community of suppliers that are working together and sharing their knowledge with each other and passing that information to customers and aspiring screen printers,“said Donovan. Pamella Mannell said, “The most difficult part is getting an idea of numbers, it is a free night, food and drinks are supplied, overseas visitors happily come to support their product and we don’t know whether we will have 20 or 200 people. “The next event we hold would be in July and we would make adjustments to the proceedings on the night by running a regular production schedule so attendees can see jobs being set-up and taken down. Rawtech can showcase all their great products, the T-shirt suppliers can have booths for showing their wares. Other suppliers that Rawtech wishes to include can showcase their products.” A number of attendees travelled from overseas to the event including Rick Back, M&R’s Director of Sales for the Asia Pacific Region who commented on the event, “Pamela, Donovan and Kristen did a super job making sure the event was meaningful by showing nearly all the M&R machinery that the Australia market both wants and needs. I can’t say thank you enough to Pamela for being so gracious in opening her facility for us. Pamela’s support of M&R for many years has be very influential in the progress we’ve made in Australia. “As for Donovan, Kristen and Malcolm of Rawtech Solutions, all I can say congratulations on your rapid and well-earned success. Their 24-7 approach to supporting customers is how M&R rolls. I know that Australian customers are recognising much improved efficiencies and lower production costs because of M&R’s seamless systems.”
On the event at large said Donovan, “A great thanks to Pamela Mannell and the entire crew at T-1 Print. Not only did they allow us the use of their shop and their equipment, they spent countless hours organising, setting up and helping the night run smoothly. We could not have done it without you. Also thanks to Rick Bach from M&R Companies, Alex Mammoser from Easiway, M&R equipment and ASPE Rapidtag machines, Matt McInerney from Jones Brothers, Kissel & Wolf, Action Engineering, Sportage, AS Colour, Leapfrog Inkspot, SGIAA and Sweatshop for the i-Image S.