Screen printing has an advantage over other printing processes with being able to print true Pantone colours.

Colour vibrancy, strength and accuracy are essential ingredients for reproducing colour in any process. The beauty of the screen printing process with regard to colour reproduction is in its versatility. Screen printing deposits a larger volume of ink when compared to other processes and when combined with Pantone colour matching delivers the vibrancy, colour strength and longevity unachievable with other printing processes. Pantone matching for our clients happens daily in our ink kitchen and we have developed a colourful ink library for our clients to select from. At T-1Print we use both water-based and Plastisol ink systems where we cross reference recipes to match standard Pantone colours. Pantone has developed a set of essential tools that enables designers, printers and manufacturers to communicate colour requirements effectively. In a way Pantone acts as the bridge between various creative and manufacturing industries in helping them produce consistent colour
to a standard. A visit to the Pantone website is a colour treat in itself with beautiful colour representations in all forms of natural and man-made objects
along with inspiration from the natural world. Pantone also provides digital colour tools including monitor calibration devices and specialist applications to make digital colour management easier to incorporate into your workflow.

Special project – Pantone Swatch Business Cards
At T-1Print we focus on garment printing but we also print onto some papers for specialist in-house projects. We have recently screen-printed our own business cards with a selection of pastels from the Pantone swatch library printed with non-solvent based inks. We have combined two printing processes to finish the cards being digital for the contact information and screen for the solid Pantone colour component, the best of both world and we are delighted with the result. Again with screen printing being as versatile as it is we can simply mix a new Pantone colour and print it onto the existing card stock.