Supacolour Transfers – Versatility and quality rolled into one…

Transfers for apparel decoration can offer a level of flexibility which surpasses the effectiveness of direct screen printing. In fact for some print jobs, the only way to embellish a garment is by use of a transfer. Transfers applications are ideal for shorter production runs, difficult print positionals and multiple print sizing requirements to name a few. Transfers for apparel decoration have been used for a long time due to their advantages over direct screen printing. Up until recently, transfers like all processes did have some limitations. Screenprinting plastisol or water based transfers with basic vector artwork is a relatively straight forward process but what about screenprinting complex graphics? Many logos and images are made up of smooth gradations of colour and in many cases combined with multiple solid or brand colours. This fact, combined with shorter run quantities makes the direct screen printing an unsuitable application process. This is where transfer application earns its place as a versatile and production viable embellishment option. We use Supacolour transfers to embellish apparel and other items at T-1Print.


So what’s all the buzz about Supacolour transfers and what makes them so special?
Supacolour transfers bring together the best of both screen and digital printing technology. This means complex graphics with gradations combined with multiple colours can be reproduced with excellent colour vibrancy and detail using a digital printing process. Then screen printing is used to create a white and in scertain cases black base and adhesive component which allows the transfer to be heat pressed oton the garment. In a nut shell, Supacolour transfers utilise the best attributes of both screen and digital printing processes. There is no colour restriction with images and logos effortlessly reproduced and consistent to the original artwork. (other than special effects like metallics and fluoros)


Supacolour transfers  & application versatility
There is no weeding required with Supacolour transfers. Supacolour have no cut lines and are ready to press immediately after printing. This saves a lot of time and eliminates spoilage from weeding errors. Most digital transfer systems can only function when a printable white PVC film is incorporated which then requires a cutting plotter to die cut around the actual print area. This process is cumbersome and error prone because operators have to manually weed out the non image area from the carrier sheet which is often delicate and susceptible to damage. It aslo contains PVC’s which can have a negative impact on the environment. Supacolour transfers contain no PVC making them a more environmentally safer option.


What about washability and fabric types?
Supacolour transfers can be applied to most type of fabrics. They are tested on both cotton and synthetic fabric types for washability. A specific Sub Block transfer is available for synthetic fabrics prone to dye which stops the colour of the garment coming through the transfer. It’s Tested to 50+ domestic washes, exhibits good stretchability and is suitable for all fabric types, except ones with waterproof coatings. A standard Supacolour Wearables transfer is available for all fabrics that are not prone to dye migration. What about transfers for caps? Supacolour Headwear transfers are designed not to crack when applied across typical seams found on caps. This about covers every apparel transfer application type. They are versatile, easy to apply, can be produced quickly and that’s why we and  love them at T-1Print and so does our customers.