T-1Print celebrates the holiday season and wishes its team and clients a great holiday and new year…

Well its that time of year again where we get to wind down and relax, spend time with loved ones and hopefully visit the beach for a dip. We wound up 2019 with a busy early morning print schedule before settling in to our Christmas lunch. What a better way to bring in the holiday season then with a Brazilian barbeque and a raft of pressies for our hard working team. There was a twist to the gift giving though! Yes gifts were plentiful but they could be stolen! We played Evil Santa…


Evil Santa game rules
1. Everyone draws a number
2. Player #1 picks a gift, opens it and shows it around the group.
3. The person with No#2 is next. That person can either select another unopened gift or take the gift #1 had already opened.
4. If #2 takes #1’s gift, #1 must select another wrapped gift and open it.
5. Then if #3 were to select #2’s gift, #2 has two choices. #2 could select another unopened gift or select #1’s gift. However, a gift cannot bounce between two players without someone else taking possession of the gift in between. So #2 cannot select #3’s gift because it was just previously taken from #2
6. A gift becomes FROZEN after it has been stolen THREE TIMES. This means no one can steal this gift again.
7. After everyone in the group has gone, if player #1’s gift has never been stolen then they are the last player to go and they have the option to steal any gift that has not been stolen yet.

Finally the Evil Santa Game is over.


Reflecting on 2019
Before we race in 2020 it is important to look back on the year that was 2019. At T-1Print we have had a positive year with some exciting developments at our factory. We have extended our production capacity with a new M&R sportsman 8 colour carousel. This is an important addition to our production capacity as it allows us to complete orders within the shortest time frame possible whilst continuing to provide excellent service to our clients. When it comes to garment finishing which includes labelling, tagging and bagging we have gone a step further and added a Rapid Tag label printing machine to our production area. This is a great little printing machine which enables high speed inside neck label screen printing onto garments. Some brands prefer printed inside neck labels for softer feel when on the skin with the additional benefits of printed graphic elements. Supacolour transfers are now available at T-1Print and we have installed an automated heat transfer press along with a cap transfer press to deliver efficient decoration of garments and wearable items suitable for transfer application.


T-1Print & Sustainability 
On the sustainability front we have made great progress at T-1Print. We have a thriving beehive and worm farm on our premises. The beehive is soon to deliver its maiden honey harvest and we are busy designing and preparing packaging for the honey harvest. Extracting honey from the hive will be exciting and it will be interesting to taste honey which will no doubt be infused with the flavour of the local flora surrounding the T-1Print factory. We are close to the Cooks River in Sydney’s Inner West and there is plenty of flowering plants in the area to promote a healthy beehive. Having a worm farm on site has reduced food waste going to landfill. Our worm farm has required minimal attention. We keep it moist and feed them regularly, drain the worm tee and we have a natural fertiliser for the plants surrounding the beehive. The perfect synergy.


Plastics Waste Reduction
With regard to plastics waste reduction we are continuing to compact and recycle plastics by using out Mil-Tek compacting machine. Our plastic waste is compacted into bales ready for Plastic Forests of Albury who recycle the plastic into reusable products. We are avoiding putting 1440kg of plastic per year into landfill which we feel is a great achievement. On the energy usage front we are currently assessing our production environment’s power consumption. This will enable us to evaluate and determine where most power is used so we can manage its usage as best we can. It will also allow us to compare our consumption compared to similar businesses. It’s important for us to work closely with our equipment and consumable suppliers to ensure we are selecting the best options when it comes to the factory’s functionality. We appreciate the collaboration and support from suppliers and look forward to continuing our journey with them in 2020 and beyond.

On that note we would like to wish our valued clients a fantastic holiday season and healthy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your support and collaboration throughout 2019 and we look forward to what 2020 has to offer.