T-1Print takes responsibility with plastic packaging

There’s no question that the irresponsible useage and disposal of plastics places the natural environment under stress. Floating Islands made up of plastic waste drifts around our oceans causing incomprehensible damage to ocean wildlife and the natural environment. Many shorelines across our planet are awash with rubbish largely consisting of plastics. The amount of plastics that go into land fill is astounding. While a Marrickville based T-shirt printing company can’t save the planet, T-1Print has evaluated its useage of plastics in our everyday production and packaging processes and with a little help from our suppliers, has replaced the type of plastics we use in order to reduce environmental impact. Not all plastics are the same. Innovative Australian supplier Biogone, supplies T-1Print with a range of responsible plastics which help to minimise environmental impact. Biogone biodegradable bags are now used for general waste in the factory as is our packaging tapes which are digested away by natural microorganisms after disposal to landfill. Biogone’s pallet wrap is recycleable which is what we use to wrap all printed T-shirts for boxing, palletising and transportation to clients. T-1Print has recently installed a Mil-Tek compacting machine to compress and reduce plastic waste. Our Mil-Tek compressor enables the efficient management of plastic bag waste by compacting its volume in preparation for our recycling partner, Plastic Forests based in Albury. T-1Print’s customers can now choose three different packing options for individually packed T-shirts. Biodegradable, compostable and recycleable bags are available for use upon customers requests. We want our customers to know that we take our responsibility seriously and make every effort we can to reduce our environmental impact. For further information speak with our team with regard to responsible materials useage and how we can work together to help reduce our impact on the environment.