The benefits of water-based Inks for apparel decoration

Water-based inks offer an asthetic quality unmatched by conventional ink chemistries. Textiles and apparel printed with water-based inks can be identified by some unique features including, softer hand feel, matt surface finish, the ink layer becoming part of the fabric itself and breathability when worn against the skin. These factors are important albeit technical in many apparel printing applications. Another standout feature with water-based inks is that they place minimal impact on the natural environment. They require lower power consumption for curing during production and require less additives to make print ready. That’s why T-1Print has partnered with specialist water-based ink manufacturer MagnaColours and local supplier Jones Brothers to offer its clients the best water-based ink system available for textile decoration. UK based MagnaColours has over 40 years experience developing water-based ink systems. The technical and environmental credentials that MagaColours inks deliver are next to none. MagnaPrint inks are free from dangerous chemicals and substances and adhere to a standard developed by the company itself – The GNA Standard is a universal certificate of compliance and sustainability that meets an emerging customer demand to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous and environmentally damaging chemicals from the garment-printing industry. It’s currently approved by Eco Passport standards Oeko Tex and Bluesign. GNA approved inks exceed the expectations of global leading retail brands, including Nike, H&M and Under Armour. T-1Print is committed to providing its clients a comprehensive apparel printing service which utilises the best production processs and materials usage the industry has to offer. Both T-shirts above were printed with water-based inks which can be printed onto both light and dark coloured fabrics. The green T-shirt above was printed for Full Tank Mororcycle Apparel – which is a registered charity with a mission to raise funds for Men’s helath on a global scale. Full Tank apparel was founded by the late Scott Wilson and you can read about Scott and the Full Tank story by visiting