The Final Touch – Finishing printed garments with tagging, labelling and barcoding takes embellishment to completion.  

Garment finishing plays an important role in the consistent presentation of a brands identity. It is also an integral part of stock inventory management across the supply chain. Apparel items should carry a range of identification devices which can include labels, barcodes, price labels, and swing tags. We offer this complete comprehensive garment finishing service with some extra finishing features including printed inside neck labels on our Rapid Tag screen printing machine. It completes the garment decoration and finishing process for our clients. If required, printed garments can leave our factory ready for the retail environment which demands clear identification, presentation and consistent brand communication across apparel ranges. So exactly what type of finishing services are available at T-1Print?


Label removal and customisation
In many cases clients require original garment manufacturing labels to be removed for the purpose of attaching or imprinting their own labels with the brand’s identity. This basically means that existing neck labels on unprinted garments get removed and replaced with clients own labels as these garments pass through our production environment. Client’s labels can be reattached to the neck line or they can choose to have an inside or outside screen printed label replacement to their specific requirements. 


Screen printed inside neck labels
When required we use our innovative Rapid Tag screen printing carousel to print inside and outside neck labels. Rapid tag designs and makes screen printing carousels for the purpose of high speed embellishment of smaller dimension graphical elements onto most garment types. Printing neck labels can offer brands an extra element of design freedom as both graphic elements from the brand’s identity and other sizing details or messaging can be included in the print. Screen printed labels also offer the benefit of soft feel on the skin and the label itself becomes unnoticable due to the fact thats it is imprinted onto the surface  of the garment.


Packaging & Bagging Options
Last but not least is the actual garment packaging and bagging options. Many clients require no actual bagging and just to have garments placed into boxes ready for dispatch. In this case garments are grouped into sizes and packed in bunches of 20 units before being boxed and palletised for shipping. When clients require individual bagging they can choose their own bags or select bags from we have sourced from our suppliers which are environmentally safer plastics. Customers can choose three different packing options for individually packed T-Shirts. Biodegradable, compostable and recycleable bags are available for bagging printed garments. We are reducing our manufacturing impact on the environment and are happy to provide responsible plastic bags should our clients require these options. Prior to production speak with our team with regard to responsible packaging solutions and how we can work together to help reduce our impact on the environment with responsible packaging.