From trash to treasure… What’s with all this upcycled furniture?

T-1Print’s main focus is on providing T-Shirt printing services, however we do like to use our keen eye for detail and connection with sustainability to reduce landfill and environmental impact. Our latest round of upcycled materials used in our factory has resulted in a discarded black vinyl sofa salvaged and upholstered with recycled red nylon. It now sits in our front studio. Our patterned wallpaper was produced by Porter’s Paints and complements our front office interior space. At T-1Print we appreciate the connection with manufacturers and producers who share a similar approach to craft and history. The story of Porter’s Paints shares similarities of continuous improvement and dedication resulting in bespoke products achieved through great craftsmanship. Our old school chairs that once belonged in the realm of head masters and school students are now adorning the meeting and production planning table in our art department. This collection of school chairs continues to provide ample seating for meetings and even just a bit of time out but if you’re late with your home work, feel free to make use of them! Old timber pallets used to deliver printing equipment to our factory were deconstructed and turned into garden furniture. Skilled craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail has seen otherwise discarded materials destined for wood chippings transformed into functional yet decorative garden furniture. Next time your visit our factory take a look around our space as this list of upcycled furniture keeps growing!